The Table Church
a church community in Thermalito, California


We belong to a rich heritage tracing its lineage up through John Wesley to B. T. Roberts and the modern day. While we belong to the Church (big 'C'), our denomination shapes our DNA and gives us oversight, accountability, and resources.


Our denomination, Free Methodism, started out of a desire to see the slaves free in America and the poor to have a home in the church. The social climate at the time excluded people of little means from literally sitting in church because of a thing called "pew renting." Because of that, our movement was born to provide FREE seats for the underprivileged and FREEdom for the slaves. This shapes who we are today. We have a heart for the marginalized and disenfranchised. Though small, our church is on the frontline of the modern-day slavery movement. 


Being a part of a denomination connects us to a network of churches worldwide who share the same DNA and heart for ministry. We are encouraged and supported in our work and have people who are willing to make sure we are on the right path in with our physical and spiritual capital.

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